Kächele-Flexix Synergies

Kächele-Flexix Synergy

Cooperation between FLEXIX And Kächele began in 1958, growing year after year in such a way that Kächele has now become not only the reference shareholder of FLEXIX but also a partner in the various departments.

Together We manage the entire value chain making us an integral manufacturer

  • Development of parts
  • Development of mixtures
  • Automated mixtures production
  • Automated Rubber injection
  • Unreinforced Rubber extrusion
  • Automated assemblies and control
  • Tooling development and construction
  • Rapid prototyping
  • 3D printer: rubber and plastic parts /e.g. tools)
  • FEM analysis
  • Computer added visión
  • Worldwide partners

We share goals and strategies that allow us to optimize costs and processes to satisfy our customers